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Hero Deck Flesh and Blood Monarch All Class Set
  • Hero Deck Flesh and Blood Monarch All Class Set

Hero Deck Flesh and Blood Monarch All Class Set

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Welcome to Rathe is the first booster and hero deck set for Flesh and Blood, releasing October 11th in local game stores. Each hero is available as a pre-constructed Hero Deck, playable right out of the box. Each Hero Deck contains a cohesive 60 card deck + hero card, weapon, equipment set, and rule book. Hero Decks are designed for high replayability as a standalone product, perfect for kitchen table gaming, or as a foundation to build upon with booster pack content to craft a tournament winning deck.

The star of the Everfest Carnival, leader of the Legendarium, performing stories and legends for cheering crowds. Bravo grew up listening to the tales of old, fascinated by past heroes and adventurers. When his destiny came knocking, with a curious quest and mysterious companions. Confident, charming, and theatrical, Bravo treats battle like a performance. Set the stage, build the anticipation, and prepare for the grand finale, for once he’s ready to strike, nothing can stand in the way of his powerful attacks.


Crushing Blows: Crush attacks are the most powerful attacks in Welcome to Rathe! Often the opponent will be able to dodge their full impact, but if Bravo is able to gain a dominating position, the severe detrimental crush effects will cripple the opponent's plans.

Domination: Bravo is a master of dominating the limelight, and likewise combat. His ability makes his crush attacks with 7 or more power more likely to deal with the four damage required to inflict their debilitating effects.

Star of the Show: When Bravo takes the stage, his presence fills the room. Aura's are a key part of Bravo's act, bolstering his ability to impose himself on center stage and on the battlefield. Bravo's auras stay in the arena when you play them, giving you an ongoing effect or an effect at a future point in time.

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