Neo Nectar Starter Deck

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Custom starter deck for Neo Nectar clan - good replacement for trial deck if you want to start with Neo Nectar!

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Grade 3

4x Maiden of Trailing Rose

4x Exploding Tomato

2x Maiden of Pure Splash

Grade 2

4x Lily of the Valley Musketeer, Kaivant

4x Spiritual Tree Sage, Irminsul

2x Iris Knight

Grade 1

4x Guardian Force Fist Deity, Oni Burdoc (PG)

3x Fruits Basket Elf

4x Dandelion Musketeer, Mirkka

2x Knight of Coprosperity, Craig

Grade 0

1x Broccolini Musketeer, Kirah (starter)

4x Watering Elf (heal)

4x Night Queen Musketeer, Daniel (crit)

4x Chestnut Bullet (crit)

4x Dancing Sunflower (draw)

5x Plant Token

3x Force Marker

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Neo Nectar