Oracle Think Tank Witches - Starter Deck

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Custom starter deck for Oracle Think Tank clan - good replacement for trial deck if you want to start with Oracle Think Tank!

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Grade 3

4x Scarlet Witch, CoCo

4x Wisteria Witch, ZoZo

Grade 2

4x Topaz Witch, PiPi

4x Yellow Witch, MeMe

4x Rectangle Magus

Grade 1

4x Route Magus (PG)

4x Sprout Witch, RoRo

2x Miko of Elegance, Fumino

3x Cuore Magus

Grade 0

1x Lozenge Magus

4x Psychic Bird

4x Sphere Magus

4x Oracle Guardian, Nike

4x Miracle Kid

3x Protect Imaginary Gift

Additionally you get all the cards that come with Oracle Think Tank Starter Deck (in common version) so you can experiment and have two different builds.

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